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  • 六霸资源网站所显示价格为1 公斤价钱
  • 为了鱼新鲜到您家,我们将直接根据鱼1.3kg以下只是清理内脏可保留整只清蒸的状态,超过1.3kg我们将帮您切片处理。


The meat of Black spotted Grouper is fresh and tender with a large body and thick meat.

Cooking method - Suitable for steaming or pan-frying


The weights of the seafood shown on LuckyeightResources website are gross weights 

  • The price of the seafood shown on LuckyeightResources website are price of 1kg
  • In order to ensure the freshness of our seafood, We will directly clean up the internal organs of the fish below 1.3kg to keep the whole steamed state, and we will help you slice the fish if it's exceeds 1.3kg.

梅花斑Black spotted Grouper

1 Kilogram

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    *下单后六霸资源小助理会通过whatsapp联络您再次确认订单是否正确,如果没有whastapp,小助理会通过    gmail或sms联络你,确认后六霸资源小助理才会通知您转账付款*

    *买满RM500 西马运费一律免邮 *

    *少过RM500 雪隆运费RM20 外坡RM30

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